Spline Composition #5

đź”´SOLD 10″X10″ Acrylic and Modelling Paste on Canvas

Isadore Michas Spline Composition #5 frontal view
Frontal view
Isadore Michas Spline Composition #5 perspective view
Perspective view
Isadore Michas Spline Composition #5 detail view
Isadore Michas Spline Composition #5 interior view
Interior view

This work is a freeform composition contrasting both earth tones and saturated colors in juxtaposition with one another.
The hope was regardless of how small the painting is that it will have a striking visual impact through the contrasting colors and forms. These smaller works are often investigations for larger pieces. The work is a combination of acrylic paint and modeling paste for the texture. The textures extend on two sides of a deep profile canvas of the painting both extending the composition and eliminating a need for framing.

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