The surfaces of Isadore’s abstract paintings are created with modeling paste and acrylic paint. This material is chosen as a means to create tension between the painted surface and raw texture. This process of exaggerated surface texturing is in juxtaposition to the accurately defined and painted cells which are more graphic in nature. Initial works (2006-2011) were created as investigations and reinterpretations of the work of the pop art movement and the Bauhaus.

Lately (2018), many of the paintings have been integrating references to nature. The extensive use of waves’ topographies and geological forms has led, in the final work, to gradations and offsets of lines and forms progressing through space. The color palettes of slate, agate and sandstone play a role, incorporating saturated colors into the compositions to give them syncopation and rhythm. The textures add a relief that separates the image from its graphic origins and reflects a more complex interplay with the lighting as it constantly shifts throughout the day.  

Musings over coffee and casual exploration
Cad layout development of curated sketching ideas
Color development through Photoshop
Layout and first textures
Texture detailing
Overall texture progression