Artist’s statement

For the most part, my creative pursuit is inspired by a number of creative visions taken from multiple disciplines. This has given me an appreciation for varied creative processes and a relationship to many forms of expression. My style is a reconciliation of all my varied interests and experiences and is reflective of my background as an industrial designer, draftsman, artisan, musician and, foremost, artist. My style attempts to incorporate everything I like into one mode of expression, simultaneously keeping myself in as many worlds as possible. My tools are a combination of  rulers, texture combs and tape, acrylic emulsion, canvas and computer software. Much of what I represent in my work is symbolic in its deconstructed symmetry,evolving patterns and geometry and influenced by different aspects of nature, art, industrial design and art history. I will often look at one piece of a famous 20th century artist, explore what I consider the essence of their work and reinterpret it using the various techniques that are typical of my style.


  1. Isadore we enjoyed meeting you at PfS dinner recently at Frank’s home. I finally got time to look at your website and I like the works very much. Good luck putting together a great studio on your new piece of land

  2. Great admirer of your work for a long time. I would really love to know how you actually create your paintings. Are they collages made from applied dried acrylic sections or somehow painted directly and then masking tape removed to create the lines?


  3. First, everything is designed digitally with various imaging tools , then I trace the patterns, tape, texture them and paint with a few minor steps in between. It’s a multi-step process that has evolved over a few hundred paintings. Thanks for your interest.

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