Artist’s statement

           These works are and investigation in using strata, offsets. echoes and waves. Geometries like this can be used to denote the passage of time and how things metamorphosize while travelling through space and or how continuums are disturbed and becomes altered through both confluence and divergence. The nodes represented as concentric dots represent a notation of a moment in that transformation offering a focal point and a synopsis to the represented phenomena. Whether it be the strata of an ancient mountain, the growth rings on a tree or the laminar flow of fluids passing through a medium, or even one’s perception evolving through experience and memory we are a representation of echoes and offsets to a certain degree. My work investigates this ubiquity all around us and attempts to illustrate it through various mediums and representations drawn from interest and experience. My intent is to celebrate and explore this and to invite the viewer to take pause and enjoy these visual transformations taken from my wealth of interests and curiosities. 



  1. Isadore we enjoyed meeting you at PfS dinner recently at Frank’s home. I finally got time to look at your website and I like the works very much. Good luck putting together a great studio on your new piece of land

  2. Great admirer of your work for a long time. I would really love to know how you actually create your paintings. Are they collages made from applied dried acrylic sections or somehow painted directly and then masking tape removed to create the lines?


  3. First, everything is designed digitally with various imaging tools , then I trace the patterns, tape, texture them and paint with a few minor steps in between. It’s a multi-step process that has evolved over a few hundred paintings. Thanks for your interest.

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