Modern Icon #2 36″X48″

Modern Icon #2  Acrylic on canvas 36″X48″

This painting is a composite icon of an apostle,angel,shepherd  and Christ figure combined and reinterpreted in a modern style that takes it’s basic geometry from Byzantine iconography combined with the impression  that of stained glass in relation to it’s cell structure.Gold leafing was used on the highlights.This was a commissioned work and at the clients request  is a little more figurative that what I am accustom to creating. All the same I am very happy with the results and  being Greek in origin it was a pleasure  to reinterpret something  that is reflective of the culture that I was raised in

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  1. This is a stunning piece of work! What a genius reinterpretation of Church iconography. I couldn’t help but leave a comment after seeing this on your website.

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